Friday, August 12, 2011

Come On In!

Hello, blog world!

So I've been hemming and hawing over this blog stuff for quite some time.  You see, I didn't even know there was a blog world until a year and a half ago.  And then I found Kate and my life came to a grounding halt, then immediately started back up again.  But life was now different.  For reals.

Because you see, I'm just a twenty-four year old bartender/musician/procrastinator/giant child with an ugly apartment and a dog and cat that get hair all over it.  Then I realized I could totally make my living space suck a whole lot less for not a whole lot of money.  But I also needed to shave my pets vacuum every day.

Thank you, Kate.  You really are my hero.  Someday I will paint the ugly faux-bamboo dresser in my bedroom (there's an entire set of this stuff dispersed amongst my family!) and it will not chip, or peel, or look all kinds of crazy.  Because I've been reading about (but not actually doing) furniture painting for a year, and that makes me a professional, right? Right.

So, here I am, bloggity-blogging away, jacking my boyfriend's interwebs because my irresponsible little brother former roommate didn't pay our cable bill.  See? Balancing bills and throw pillows - it's a tough job.

BTW, the boyfriend is Ryan.  He's way more opinionated about interior design than any man should be, but I love him anyway.

Thanks for hanging out and welcome to my semi-grownup life!

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