Friday, September 23, 2011

Gulf Shores Roundup

As I sit looking out the window into the shitstorm rain, all I can think about is the perfect weather I left behind in Gulf Shores, AL.  Remember that post where I promised I was taking all kinds of pictures?  Well, I got distracted by LOTS of food, the beach, and...the beach.

But here are the photos that Ryan and I DID manage to take!

All the grownups managed to get out one night to a place called Flora-Bama, it's a bar that sits right on the Florida-Alabama state line.  

This is the one shot of the bar Ryan managed to get.  Clearly the thought a bunch of bras tossed onto a clothesline was an important decor statement.

But seriously, any bar that is constructed completely out of plywood and dock pylons, serves PBR in a tallboy can, and plays Hank III over the stereo is home my kind of place.

We actually didn't take any other photos until the last day, when we had a "family photo shoot," in which Ryan's brother-in-law tried to flag everyone down, get the kids to stop screaming, and just smile at the camera already.  Did I mention the kids were screaming?

This one in particular:

He is two and won't sit still for ANYTHING!  So most of the pictures on my camera were taken when I was chasing him around trying to get a smile.  But he's so stinkin' cute I forgive him. ;)

Have I mentioned that Ryan's sisters have the cutest kids in the world? 

This girl is going to be on the cover of Vogue someday.

Every sunset looked like this.  Every.  Sunset.

The kids' faces are priceless.  It is unfair how gorgeous this man's entire family is.  Maybe there's hope after all that our kids won't have big heads and chubby cheeks like yours truly.

Taken any good family vacations recently?  I'd love to hear about it!

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